Watched THE COVE Movie For The 1st Time | Brunei

Last night (Sep1, 2011) : Jan Shim, Anthony, Cyril and I attended Beach Bunch 1st environmental documentary screening “The Cove“.  The venue was Bzy Restaurant located at Unit 1, Block C, Spg 508, Jerudong Road, Jerudong, Brunei (Opposite of GoodView Hotel Jerudong). The documentary tells the story of Ric O’Barry and his dream team group of animal activists as they attempt to shed light on the sickening slaughter of dolphins that occurs every September in Taiji, Japan. I was blown away.

Founder of Brunei’s Beach Bunch, Rizan Latif.

Meeting Tiger Lim for the first time.

Tiger LIm

After the show ended, all audience were provided with an online URL link where we can sign a petition to show our support. The link provided was

Jan Shim here in the process adding the URL to the Bookmark on his iPad2.

I tweet about watching “The Cove” and I got a reply from @MrHolise below, please check this link

For more coverage, please visit  Anthony Er website:-


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