I tweeted the above last month while I was the official photographer for Kim Musical Centre “Grand Recital 2011”. It was blooming hard work, 9 hours non-stop shooting. I ended up with 1800+ photos. I was enjoying the event from the very beginning and I was knackered once I’d finished!

While some of the young classical musicians feel pressure but they did a good job. There are several talented young musicians, these guys are absolutely amazing, it blows my mind.

If handled right, though, this pressure can be a productive force in an emerging artist’s life. It is not enough to play an instrument — or sing or conduct — brilliantly. You have to search within yourself and define your artistic identity. Your performances should convey what you believe in, what excites you.

Check out their AWESOME recitalists.

Rockers with their crazy eyes death dealer contact lenses!

Will the coolest drummers in rock please stand up? A surprise routine and I was able to capture that very moment which only happens once.

Play the drums with speed, power, and control.

More photos from Kim Musical Centre Facebook Photos.

After all the effort of long hours hard work has been exerted, the following totally made my day.


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