An external hard disk  has really become a necessity for most of us irrespective of our profession. The necessity arises either out of need for more space or the peace of mind when you have a backed up copy of all your important data and those photos you don’t wish to lose. Something really terrible happened with my Maxtor OneTouch4 external hard drive a month ago after been using it intensively for 16 months. Its totally my fault due to my laziness when it comes to backups, I have only limited back ups on my photos. But it seems I might have lost very precious data accumulated just over a year.

The unit is covered by 3 year limited warranty. So, I send them back to retail store “Noryanismayus (K.B.)” and have them repaired. In just a week later, I received the replacement with a sticker label “Maxtor Certified Repair”. 🙂


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