Brunei Darussalam celebrating Energy Day today, 24th May 2010.

The day’s electrical consumption would also be publicly announced every three hours via graphs on the SOS website, “TV ticker” on local television and radio. The eSaving SOS campaign is the third that the government has introduced since the country celebrated its first energy day in 2007.

In conjunction with the Energy Day this year, the prices of the unsubsidised fuel to be sold only today, May 24. Sharing with you some photos that was taken at Mashhor petrol filling station near to my place in Lumut.

Cars still rushing into the petrol filling station near closing hours of 10pm.

As predicted, long queues at petrol filling station

The price adjustments to the pumps by contractor SAHID


5 thoughts on “ENERGY DAY 2010 – ESAVING SOS

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