This is my 2nd time participating Earth Hour. This year, Brunei Darussalam officially joining the global Earth Hour event for the first time and their official website Earth Hour Brunei. My last year 2009 was done alone in a rush and hand held night shots. This year back to the same place which is Oil & Gas Discovery Centre Brunei, where I meet up with Jan shim and Azri. I had more fun than last year and enjoying the hour chatting.

This is my first experience with the Canon 5D MKII on a video shoot. when I looked at the LCD and saw the quality of the shots I could get, I was more than willing to overlook this new feel. Needless to say, I immediately fell in love.

The entire video was shot by a canon 5D MKII with tripod and lenses: 16-35mm f/2.8 L.
Editing workflow: HDV mp2, 1920×1080

Jan Shim's idea and skill writing the words “Earth Hour” backwards. Opportunity to do "Lightwriting" photography after power had resumed.

8 thoughts on “EARTH HOUR 2010 – BRUNEI DARUSSALAM

  1. Gavin, good thing to do and well spent moments apart from the mosquito bites i had. Hopefully next year there will be authorities, work on something to pull out the residents off their home, gather at one big place with candles light on and medley serenading the EA all night 😀 *my imagination* it could could 🙂

    And i enjoyed the outings with you and Jan. Thanks man 🙂


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