Before each shoot, I use my Giottos Rocket Blower to clean the inside of the mirror box and sensor. The absolute easiest way to keep the sensor clean is to never change lenses, and some photographers do that. That will certainly work, but for the more serious shooter, it is quite impractical.

The second easiest way is to hold the camera face down and change lenses quickly. Of course, that doesn’t always work, but will certainly minimize specks on the sensor.

I like to mount the camera on a tripod so that you can have both hands free to clean instead of having to hold the camera up with one. From the menu, select manual sensor clean. when blowing air make sure the mount is facing downward so you can let gravity help you keep the dust out ... Kept the camera upside down and puffed away with the rocket!

This is a sensor test photo that I took just a few days ago, with the aperture closed to the maximum f-number (i.e. f/32) shooting the sky. This will be the only time I shot at f/32 to see if I had dust in my sensor/lens.

Click Image to Enlarge.

Cleaning Viewfinder Inside 5D Mark II

I’ve been able to clean my 5D & 5DMarkII well enough with just a Giotto Rocket blower so far. But I think I’m ready to try the those wet clean using Eclipse and sensor swabs if necessary.

  • Always turn camera off — during lens change. I always have the camera off when I change lens as static charge attracts dust.
  • If you keep the opening pointed down, that gravity stuff will help keep the dust from falling back onto the sensor.
  • Leave blower at a distance — I keep my blower at 1 to 2 inch distance away from the camera housing. This is to avoid blower tip hitting the inner housing and allow the dust to have more room to circulate out of the chamber.
  • Never touch the inner housing — whatever I do, I pay attention to avoid contact with the inner housing of the sensor chamber and mirror housing. You can look but no touching.
  • Don’t leave body facing upwards — dust falls down with gravity.

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