The fifteen days of Chinese New Year had flown by quickly. And today marks the last day of CNY celebration. I’m Sharing some Lion Dance shooting taken at CHMS, KB on 22nd February 2010.

The year 2010 is the Year of Hu, or the Year of the Tiger. Kids dance in tiger-like costumes.

That little girl is amazing!! Showing her wushu skills.

Dong a headstand but without the support of your hands, right? Don't try this at home!

The Mythical Qilin ( 麒 麟 ) Dance was created to give life to this auspicious animal bringing prosperity,peace and health to the people and this practice was handed down from one generation to the next. It is a good omen that brings serenity and prosperity. It is often depicted with what looks like fire all over its body.

Please Click Here for More Photos In SlideShow

5 thoughts on “15th DAY OF CHINESE NEW YEAR

  1. Wah new layout 🙂 Kids in tiger costumes are cute but not sure if those shots of the back of the performers worked. Probably an angle where the face can be seen should be better 🙂 Just my two cents 🙂

    • Hi Nick, thanks for your comment. I was enjoying watching the performance and not as an official photographer that night. Just sharing the moment what I can see :). Agreed with you if I was allowed to walk to the centre of the field.

  2. Beautiful photos. I like the performers caught mid-air. I happen to like photos of people from the back; lends a little mystery.

    (I know you posted this back in Feb. One of my own posts recommended this as “possibly related.” It’s unclear why, but I’m sure glad I clicked over.)

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