On the 2oth January 2010, I went to the game with Jan Shim and Jeffrey. I’m delighted to share these images.

Barracudas 89-95 Slingers

Singapore Slingers defeated the Brunei Barracudas 89-95 to secure home-court advantage for the ABL Play-offs.

Ang holds great hope for basketball in Brunei: “The Barracudas would like to thank the founders of ABL as it has allowed us to show that there is life in basketball in Brunei.”


  1. Got some nice action shots there, but wish some of them were tigher to show the intesity on their faces. Were these as it were or already cropped? I am a big fan of crop btw. Make use of all them MP they pack in cameras these days haha

  2. I agree, the tighter shots look so much better than the loose shots. The shots that you put up that show the players from about waist up work for me so much better.

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