The Hainan Association Kuala Belait paid tribute to the elderly by holding a dinner at the Meng Fang restaurant on Saturday (09-January-2010) evening. The audience was treated to entertainment and lucky draw.

In Brunei Darussalam, all the Chinese associations will be hosting celebrations for the elderly to honour their contributions. The celebrations could help instil in youths the culture of showing respect to senior citizens. This basically says that you can not be respected if you can not show respect. If we want young people to show respect to our elders, then we need to begin to expect and demand that our children begin respecting their elders from the time they can talk and walk.

Han Min Yuan, President of the Hainan Association KB in preparation for presenting the gold plaque.

The highlight of the celebration was the presentation of gold plaques to one of the four elderly persons older than 85 years of age.

Another special prize went to Chew Keng Kok for 25 years Long service with Hainan association (KB).

Guest of honour Pehin Bendahari China Dato Paduka Onn Siew Siong.

The audience was treated to entertainment and lucky draw.

Helping caring hand

Another, caring and helping hands to eldest member of the Hainan Association (KB).



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