On a Saturday late morning, Alan Chai and I visited ShimWorld with a little dirty secret. This little dirty secret is referring to a dust hidden secretly from the inside of a viewfinder in his Canon 5D Mark II. Question been asked “Where did that dust come from?”. We talk about photography work and stuff on Alan’s gear. We really enjoying the knowledge being gained that day and I am sharing the moment of enjoyment that we had in pictures. For technical details please refer to his artcle at ShimWorld.

"Kenko Pro1 D UV 77mm" filter fitted on EF 24-105L f/4 IS Lens. Kenko has a line of high-quality Filters in sizes. Its features consist of absorbing the Ultraviolet rays, a multi-purpose, fine-weather filter for color as well as black and white photos. It also serves as a permanent lens protector. There are photographers confirm that it is identical to the Hoya Pro 1 Ds.

The screw drivers set which is one the tools used and ready for some actions!

Jan Shim with his EF 100mm f2.8 USM Macro Lens doing the documentation bit. Alan Chai, owner of the 5D Mark II.

Another tools which is the Canon "special tool" and the tweezers.

Ensuring Body Cap is available at all time. The newly redesigned body cap prevents dust generation through wear on the cap itself.


Emotion expression showing Alan Chai a little nervous at the early stage 🙂

The hand!!

Besides being fun and full of surprises also requires a very steady hand and concentrated mind.

Guys, be careful not to drop the screen. The physics behind it: focusing screen is just a piece of plastic with matte surface. Touching it with any paper towel or cloth will just push dust deeper into the micro structure or help larger particles grip it and stay there.

A Giotto Rocket blower seems to be the most popular type of bulb blower. I use one and it works great.

Eclipse optical cleaning system. The fluid is ultra-refined methanol, which evaporates almost instantly, and leaves no residue.

Eclipse optical cleaning system. The fluid is ultra-refined methanol, which evaporates almost instantly, and leaves no residue.


Eclipse fluid is flammable and therefore can't be brought onboard an airplane, and neither can compressed CO2 capsules. This means that the only cleaning tool that you can fly with is a bulb blower.

Superimposed display been cleaned by a sensor swab cleaning wands.


Body cap in placed to prevent dust while activities happening around the table.



    • Nick, this is nothing yet till next time we be doing the Sensor Cleaning. From the forum, most of them saying Kenko and Hoya is the same except in prices.

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