This trip to Tasek Merimbun was accompanied by Cikgu Mansor, Jan Shim and Husini. Cikgu Mansor and I meet for the first time at this very first photography trip with Cikgu and Husini. Jan Shim picked me up from Lumut at about 4:15pm. It was not only enjoying but considering it as a “educational trip” for me. The wetland is included within the recently designated Tasek Merimbun National Park, which initially covers an area of 7,800 ha. The National Park is still under development, and enforcement of the park regulations has not as yet been fully implemented. It has been proposed that the National Park be categorized into three zones: an intensive visitor use area, a low intensity visitor use area, and a conservation area. The low intensity visitor use area and conservation area would be strictly reserved for educational and scientific research purposes.

Two type of wetland particularly found here is ” freshwater lakes and associated marshes (lacustrine)” and “swamp forest, temporarily flooded forest”

“We have spent about $10,000 collected from villagers to build the new bridge and maintain it. That is why we have to enforce on the toll payments for visitors who wish to cross the bridge to Jelundong Island,” Abdul Nasir Untong said.


Crossing using the new bridge to Jelundong Island which cost $10,000 to build and maintain. All this cost is collected from villagers.

Another shot on the new bridge

Another shot on the new bridge


That is the road leading us here earlier. Shot taken from across the Tasek on Jelundong Island




Once on arrival, the first lesson I pickup from Cikgu Mansor is the Cashew tree.  The danger of  popping the raw cashew in your mouth can caused mouth numbness.  I’m learning the malay word “Kebas” which means “numb”. This is another “Sehari sepatah kata” for me which I learned from Cikgu.


Cashew apple


Cashew Nut been removed




Jan Shim doing a magic spells to the tree!!! That's definately something new to me 🙂


The red strap Husini bought from Jan Shim, which I believe to be THE FIRST CRUMPLER STRAP in Brunei !!!

Cikgu Mansor in spit of shooting with a nikon, he’s wearing a very CANON red shirt…. He also shows his awareness about the seriousness of  H1N1 with wearing the sticker. He is definately safe to get close with 🙂


Wearing a very CANON red shirt.... with wearing the sticker.





Pineapple, the tropical fruit



All of us was trying to search where is the Gecko which is known to be a lizard that bark like a dog.

You heard me right,  Gecko is a lizard that bark like a “dog”. Too bad as I was so keen to see how it actually looks like.




Sunset shots.....


Tutong representative Orang Kaya Jaya Putera Dato Paduka Hj Muhammad Taha Abd Rauf, said that Tasek Merimbun is in need of development as it is one of the country’s main tourist attractions, and is a national heritage that should be further capitalised

‘Develop Tasek Merimbun site’

Useful Contact Numbers :-
Tasek Merimbun Boatman Tony: +673 8781615
Tony: Tasek merimbum ecotrip organiser & guide (liases with village head ): +673 8781615
Tasek Merimbun Museum Manager Awg Samhan Nyawa: +673 2244545


13 thoughts on “TASEK MERIMBUN OUTING 2009

  1. Cikgu Mansor, it requires both a shooter and a good model with a little luck to make it looks good. The model definately can’t do backside shot by themself. ha ha

  2. Good take of Tasek MERIMBUN and first time been to your blog.
    I really have a good memory of Tasek MERIMBUN , but it seem to become no one care place but it seem become beautiful again on your shoots.

    How it is right now? It also cannot tell all from all your photos, it’s really become beutiful again, let me know…

  3. Seemon, thank you for visiting. I’m glad you’re enjoying it as much as I do. Tasek Merimbun basically still under developing and a lot of improvements can be seen still under going. From your comment, I have added “The Brunei Times” link on regards to “Develop Tasek Merimbun”. I will be looking forward to visit the place again and hopefully this time all development is completed.

    • Cikgu Mansor, Sure, this trip was initiated by you anyway. Photos copied with my watermark as well. 🙂 Btw, had not got a chance to thanks you for the ride. Thanks

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