Duan Wu jie (Duan Wu Festival) or more popularly known as the Dragon boat Festival or the Dumpling Festival falls on May 5 of Chinese lunar calendar. This year Duanwu festival falls on Thursday, 28th May. Duan Wu Jie is not commonly known as Dumpling Festival in China. I guess it was introduced by the clever dumpling businessmen. After all, dumpling is the first thing that we think of whenever we talk about Duan Wu Jie.

Duan Wu Festival is meant to commemorate Qu Yuan, a Chu scholar who was a high ranking official to the Chu King during the Warring States period (around 278 B.C.). Qu Yuan was banished from the Court when he opposed Chu’s alliance with Qin. This greatest ancient Chinese poets who drowned himself in the Miluo river to protest the corrupt court when Qin conquered Chu eventually.

Legend has that people throw zongzi or rice dumpling into the river to feed Qu Yuan’s spirit. Others say that they are meant to keep fish from feeding on Qu’s body.

The Chinese in the Belait district gather annually at the beach in late afternoon on the Duanwu festival. There isn’t any Dragon boats which I am very keen to photo shoot. For activities on the beach, please visit SHIMWORLD.


Taken at Lumut Beach... Very quiet






Zong Zi (Dumpling) usually wrapped in lotus leaf but there is also variation like bana leaf or pandan leaf. These are vegetarian dumpling with my favoutite filling of mushrooms and chestnuts. This will be my first food photography. Ha ha…

Zong Zi


4 thoughts on “DUANWU FESTIVAL 2009

    • Carol, thanks for visiting and great info sharing on the dragon boat race which I do not aware of at all. It would be great if Brunei locally organising this event. cheers

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