Giottos Rocket-Air Found in Brunei !!

Through my journey in photography, I am not just learning about the ‘exposure triangle’:shutter speed, aperture and ISO. But, involving in the most talked about and asked about issue with Digital SLR maintenance which is the sensor and the accumulation of dust. Dust particle is very unberable especially shooting at high aperture. I don’t know why everyone including my mentor Jan Shim always says to get the Giotto version, but I listened, and never looked back. Check out his article on DSLR Focus screen and sensor cleaning.

Searching for it in Brunei has never been easy, ‘out of stock’  almost everywhere I asked. Then by luck instead of ordering it through online store, I saw it on a display shelf  at a shopping complex one evening. It is available on the 2nd Floor,  in the counter area where selling cameras at Yayasan Complex. To all Bruneain photographers, go there now if you need one while stock is still available.


© Copyright Giotto's Industrial Inc

Forget sensor brushes and all that jazz, most of the dust on your sensor can be blown off with a stiff puff of air.

I bought 3 units of the above “Giottos Rocket Air Blaster, Manual Air Blower with Extra-Large Rubber Bulb – 7.5″ Long”. Only two of it is for me and the other is picked up on my mentor behalf. The large rocket blower send a strong stream of clean air (so they say). I opted for the large, because I wanted something that could really blow the dust out.


“QC passed” sticker for assuring customer’s confidence and satisfaction in using the product. It has got my attention for sure!

Damaging a sensor is expensive… Use it carefully and you have been warned.

If you have a dust on your DSLR sensor, you have to get this to clean it. It is inexpesive and it works!

3 thoughts on “Giottos Rocket-Air Found in Brunei !!

    • Soulperk, It does the job for me perfectly every time. Just an advise not to place the nozzle go past the lens mount. This is important to avoid accidentally touch the sensor. Cheers

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