Baiduri Bank Group Dinner Reception

Baiduri Bank group celebrating CNY and Sharing the Golden Moments last Friday night. The event was held at the Chung Hua Middle School Auditorium, Kuala Belait on the 27th-February-2009.


The night begins with a welcoming speech from Pierre Imhof, General Manager of BBG.


The guests who attended that evening will soon be enjoying the entertainment been arranged by a well known performer from Malaysia, Datuk Leonard Tan and artistes from Malaysia to the theme of the night titled “Golden Moments”.






The Chinese opera (戏曲/戲曲) which is a popular form of drama and musical theatre in China and succesfully draw great attention to the guests. It is not just an usual traditional facial paintings but performing with Chinese opera masks—which are frequently changed throughout the entire performance. The changes of the mask is to communicate a special emotional change during the play.
The Chinese opera masks used are worn as decorated thin cloth.


Not only the guests even the gorgeous performers been drawed attention to the chinese Opera. Caught them peeping behind the stage while waiting for their turns.



More news of this celebration can be found at The Brunei Times Online.

It was indeed a very entertaining night with great audio sounds and great lightings. I had an excellent time!  “Thank you” to Jan Shim and Dorothy Newn for the opportunity and experience to capture this great evening and sharing the golden moment, something I hope to do again next year.


5 thoughts on “Baiduri Bank Group Dinner Reception

  1. Great coverage shots of the event. The 6th shot is quite stunning and the 2nd last is a great candid (could try and crop out the left side, the mic stand?)

    • What an ‘eye’ you got there, didn’t even notice on the mic stand until now. Just got home from a 3 days work assignment and just managed to processing that photo as what has been advised. Indeed it has a better ‘Look’ 🙂 Thanks

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