Only the beginning of things to come.

The Chinese New year or Spring festival celebrations end on the evening of the 15th day of the first month in the chinese calendar. The fifteenth day of the new year is celebrated as Yuánxiāo jié (元宵節), otherwise known as “Chap Goh Mei” in “Fujian” dialect. End of celebration but it is just the beginning of ‘OX’ year.




The end of the Spring Festival period is traditional known as the ‘Lantern Festival‘. These lanterns are in a way different from those of ‘Mid Autumn Festival’. They will be traditional chinese paper lantern in red colour and tend to be oval in shape.



Not only the sound from the drum is LOUD!!! Even their voice too




Poor Little girl, the sound is a little too much to handle......



Great catch!!!


Shaking the sleep from his eyes, Lion Dance Sleep Routine


Happy Lantern Festival to all Chinese around the world.


3 thoughts on “Only the beginning of things to come.

  1. Well done, G. Exactly what “street photography” is all about. Ppl like to call it PJ. What’s in a name, but your work is good. A keen photographer’s eye. Well done. I can sense the mood, the energy and the captivating rhythms of the gongs,drums and cymbals… Well done. ALl unrehearsed, unposed, and untweaked. Cheers.

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