VeganBurg proves that fast food is not junk food and surprisingly healthy vegan awesome tasty! VeganBurg-13VeganBurg-9 There are 4 outlets of VeganBurg in Singapore and the one that I visited was the restaurant at Marina Bay Financial Centre. Located on the second floor of Financial Tower No.3 #02-05. VeganBurg-2VeganBurg-1 VeganBurg-8 VeganBurg-7 VeganBurg-6 VeganBurg-5 VeganBurg-3 As you will notice in this post that there are no photos of the burgers inside the wrap due to these burgers smell amazing. 100% Vegan and tasty till I have to put down my camera to enjoy it. :) VeganBurg-4 VeganBurg-14

Action Sports Flash Photography.

Holidays are not traditionally a time to concentrate productivity. After watching Live telecast of the 2013 BWF World Badminton Championship which ended last Sunday where Thailand’s 18th years old Ratchanok Intanon wins BWF World Championships and Lin Dan wins record 5th title. Today Jan Shim, Cyril and  I decided to do some action sports high-sync flash photography at a badminton court this morning. I decided to take along my Canon EOS 5D Mark III with 24-70mm f/2.8L USM II. 2 units Off camera flashes were used and triggered by the RadioPopper PX system.



My 1st Nature Photography At Wasai Kadir In Labi, Brunei

During a public holiday last Friday, Jan Shim and Cyril organised a trip to Wasai Kadir to go hiking. We meet at the Sg Liang Forest Park Car Park at 8:00am. My last visit was a decade ago and this visit I brought along my Canon EOS 5D MK II along with EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens.

Wasai Kadir-8Wasai Kadir-3Wasai Kadir-6

Wasai Kadir-5 Wasai Kadir-4

Wasai Kadir-2

Wasai Kadir-1

Wasai Kadir-9

Wasai Kadir a.k.a. Labi Waterfall.